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“The invention of cooking is what led to the rise of humanity" - Professor Richard Wrangham, Biological Anthropology, Harvard University
Humankind has been creating countless ways of cooking food as long as we can remember. Cooking is the product of human efforts for obtaining energy from nature. And within those efforts lies the essence of wisdom achieved by humankind. From a new perspective, this documentary series takes a look at the world of cooking which is a series of endless accidents, adventures, and unexpected connections

Episode 1: Heat
A major part of cooking involves delivering heat energy to natural things and transforming them to the state where they can be digested and absorbed. This technique does not stop at simply making food taste good. Professor Wrangham of Harvard University says the ability to produce food through heat is what helped humans evolve.

Episode 2: Power
"Power" is about how to change ingredients using physical force. In terms of preserving, texture, convenience, and nutrient intake, this revolutionary cooking method provided the foundation for cultural development.

Episode 3: Bacteria
Fermentation is an advanced cooking method of using microorganisms' life activities to cook food, and it can synthesize new components and remove toxicity from food. But because it uses microorganisms, it is a unique cooking method that causes both aversion and preference.

Episode 4: Taste
This episode covers the five taste receptors which are sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, and sour. "Why is sugar sweet?" is the wrong question. "Why does sugar taste sweet to us?" is the right question. Taste doesn't exist in things. It is something our brains create. It is a type of antenna that mankind has developed for survival. It is the ability to consume nutrients and avoid poison.
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