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Travel Thru History is a unique, Emmy nominated travel series that explores diverse cities and historical sites around the world while experiencing the cultural, archaeological and architectural features of these unique locations.

Titles include:

Albany & Saratoga Springs, New York
We’ll take the Albany capital tour and see five former NY governors who would become US Presidents. Then, we’ll board the USS Slater and see how America defended its fleet against German U-boats in WWII. We’ll sample the mineral water in Saratoga Springs, and bet the farm at their famous thoroughbred raceway. Then, we’ll learn how important the Battle of Saratoga was for America’s future at the Saratoga battlefield.

Austin, Texas
Situated in Central Texas along the Colorado River is a city known for its eclectic style, diverse culture and extensive history.  As the capital of Texas, Austin is home to a music, art and food centered community that has shaped the city into one of the most interesting places to live in the United States. 

Baltimore, Maryland

O Say can you see? We’ll learn about the Battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry and the inspiration of the Star Spangled Banner. Then we dig deep into the history of Baltimore’s most famous resident, Edgar Allan Poe. We’ll sift through a huge collection of pop art and collectibles at the Geppi Museum, and learn about cracking codes at the National Cryptology museum.

Belfast, Northern Ireland
It's only fitting that Belfast would have the world's largest museum dedicated to the Titanic. We'll take you inside this unsinkable Titanic experience. From there we explore the major art, scientific and cultural contributions of the province known as Ulster, as well as, reflect on their “troubled” past at the Ulster museum. Finally, we throw away the key and explore the Crumlin road jail.

Un-Belizable! We're off on a Central American Mayan excursion. We head up the steps of the ancient high temple at Lamanai. Then we take a city tour of the main tourist destination, Belize City. We learn about Belize’s colonial roots at the Belize City History Museum and dive the amazing Blue Hole.

Boise, Idaho

We’ve got our own private Idaho in Boise. We’ll tour one of the most stunning buildings in the frontier west at the Idaho State Capitol, dance all night with the Basques at the Basque museum and cultural center, soar to new heights at the Warhawks Air Museum in Nampa, and get a shiver down our spines at the Idaho state penitentiary.

Buffalo & Niagara, New York

We’re exploring the other side of New York state in Buffalo and Niagara. We’ll take the oath of office like Teddy, at the Roosevelt inauguration site in Buffalo. Then, we’ll take a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Martin house and learn about America’s most celebrated architect. We get soaked on the Maid of the Mist at breathtaking Niagara Falls, and defend the walls at Fort Niagara.

Denver, Colorado

We’ll hike a “Mile-High” to a city surrounded by mountains, plains and gold mines. It’s a city diverse in indoor cultural activities as well as outdoor adventures. The city is also a cultural epicenter with museums, live music, and art galleries. We’re beginning our ascent into Denver history at the History Colorado Museum. Finally we descend into the mines of Silver City.

Dublin, Ireland

We travel to the end of the rainbow in Dublin, Ireland. We’ll gawk at the Book of Kells, a holy book displayed at Trinity College. We visited the hallowed halls of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and touched famed Irishman, Daniel O’Connell’s crypt at Glasnevin Cemetery. Finally, we learn the complicated history of Irish independence at Kilmainham jail.

Flagstaff, Arizona
Get your kicks on Route 66 in Flagstaff, AZ. We’re headed to the famous Barringer meteor crater outside of town. Then we scan the stars for heavenly bodies at Lowell Observatory. We’ll learn the history of the region at the Northern Arizona History Museum, and finally swing from their many ponderosa pines at Flagstaff Extreme adventure park.

Hoover Dam, Nevada

Marvel at the site of America's most famous water dam. We’ll learn about how the Hoover Dam was built, why it's necessary, and take a behind the scenes look at its inner workings.

Kennedy Space Center, Florida
In this episode we visit the Kennedy Space Center located on Florida's famous "Space Coast." We’ll speak to NASA engineers about the past, present and future of American space travel, as well as take a look at the attractions KSC has to offer.

Key West, Florida
First, we’ll visit the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum, named for the famous $500 million dollar treasure.  Next, we’ll set sail to the Dry Tortugas, where we’ll tour the incredible Fort Jefferson. Finally American literature enthusiasts will enjoy a look at Ernest Hemmingway's Key West home, where some of his most famous works were penned.

Las Vegas, Nevada
We get things rolling by visiting the first permanent structure that was built in the valley, a small adobe fort that was constructed by Mormon missionaries. We’ll blast our way into the 1940’s and 50’s as we visit the National Atomic Testing museum to learn about how the desert outside of Vegas was used for testing America's secret nuclear weapons. Next we visit the Neon Museum Boneyard, the final resting place for those large neon signs used to light up Las Vegas skyline. 

Los Angeles, California
First, we visit the La Brea Tar Pits. This ancient area is an active excavation site that holds the remains of some unlucky animals that got stuck in the sticky slush. Then we take a somber tour through the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.  Next, we visit the Japanese-American National Museum. Lights, Camera, Action! We browse the largest collection of Hollywood memorabilia and see if you can spot some props from your favorite movie at the Hollywood Museum! And finally, we’re clear for launch at the California Science Center to marvel at Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Louisville, Kentucky
Saddle up, as we learn about Derby history at the Kentucky Derby Museum, head to the Louisville Slugger Museum and factory to see how wood becomes priceless, then, we float like a butterfly and sting like a bee at the Muhammad Ali Center. Next we get up close and personal with the armaments used in the history of human conflict at the Frazier museum as we take a look at these priceless original weapons of war.  Finally, we zip into history at the Louisville Mega Cavern.

Miami, Florida
Bienvenido a Miami! We take a look at the history behind Florida's modern metropolis. We visit the Ancient Spanish Monastery, see the opulence of the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and head into the swamp to learn about the Miccosukee indians.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
We'll find out why they called Minneapolis the "Mill City" when we visit the Mill City Museum. Then we march over to the Union's Fort Snelling, the first permanent structure in Minnesota, and then head underground and learn about St. Paul’s organized crime hide outs.

Montreal, Québec
Bonjour! First, we’ll dance the night away at one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the world, the Franco Folies (franco folee) de Montreal.  From new music to old, we’ll visit the 120-year-old pipe organ at the Notre-Dame Basilica. Then, we’ll take you deep down to the city beneath the city at the Pointe-a-Calliere Museum of Archaeology and History. Discover Montreal’s origins dating back to the 16th century and revisit every period in the city’s past.  Next, we’ll walk through a replica of five different ecosystems at the Biodome right next to “The Big O”, the Olympic Stadium of ‘76. Finally, no trip to Montreal is complete without seeing and hearing the acoustical masterpiece known as the Maison Symphonique de Montreal.

Nashville, Tennessee
First, we take in the magnificent Belmont Mansion. This thirty-six room summer home lies on the campus of Belmont University and is now a museum that boasts the incredible art collection of the original owners.  Then we head to the home of 7th US President Andrew Jackson’s Tennessee mansion, known as The Hermitage.  Next, we learn why Nashville is called the “Athens of the South.” They have an exact replica of the Parthenon built in Ancient Greece. Then we’re trekking uphill to the ruins of Fort Negley. We couldn’t visit Nashville without stopping by the Grand Ole Opry, the show that made country music famous!

New Orleans, Louisiana
First, we’ll visit the famous French Quarter to marvel at St. Louis Cathedral.  Next, we’ll go to Jackson Square where the Battle of New Orleans’ hero, President Andrew Jackson, takes center stage. Then we take cover at the National WWII Museum where we find out how New Orleans played a vital role in the war that changed the world.  Lastly we’re going to get a taste of the best festival in the world, Mardi Gras!

Discover Odds and Ends, Florida/Nevada
Some segments didn't fit in their respective episodes. So for our odds and ends episode we play around at the Pinball Museum in Las Vegas, salute the Commander in Chief at the Presidential Hall of Fame in Clermont, FL, we’ll swim with real mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs in Central Florida and cheer on Teddy Ballgame at the Ted Williams Hitters Hall of Fame.

Oslo, Norway

First, we’ll set sail with the ancient Viking ships unearthed from their burial grounds at the Viking Ship Museum. Next, we defend the castle at Akershus and visit the fortress constructed to guard the Oslo fjords against attacks from any invading hordes. You’ll wander the very same great halls King Christian IV roamed thousands of years ago.  At the Fram museum you’ll hear the history behind the amazing polar race where the winner goes on to infamy and the loser doesn’t come home. Finally we’ll brave the open waters of the Pacific with Thor Heyerdahl at the Kon-tiki museum.

Ottawa, Ontario
We visit Canada’s capital city on a hill in Ottawa, Ontario. We’ll sail down the famous Rideau Canal locks. We go deep into Ottawa’s cold war history at the Diefenbunker, as well as, explore Canada’s military history at the Canadian War Museum. Then we head up the Peace Tower and take a look at the library of Parliament. Finally, we learn about Canada’s first nation’s tribes at the Canadian History Museum.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We start our journey in Philly on foot where our founding fathers trod. Then we’ll get thrown in the slammer as we get locked up inside the Eastern State Penitentiary. We’ll run up the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, just like our favorite Philly man, Rocky Balboa. But inside the museum is just as epic as we get immersed in art like never before.  You can’t go to Philly without seeing the birthplace of American Democracy, Independence Hall.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Westward ho! We settle in Salt Lake City, where we learn about Bringham Young's settlement of the Utah territory and his monument at This is the Place Park. Then we dig in the dirt to find hundreds of perfectly preserved dinosaurs at the Utah Natural History museum. We’ll take a look at some US aviation history at the Hill Air force Base museum, and see how life was like for the Utah pioneers at Frontier Homestead State Park.

San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio is rich with Texas, Mexican, and Spanish history. We make our last stand at the Alamo, and visit Missions National Historical Park. Lastly, we spelunker the Natural Bridge Caverns underground.

San Diego, California
Get your sun tan lotion on, because we’re headed to the land of perfect weather and sunsets. We’ll sample a fish taco, climb the 100’s of steps of the California Tower, stand on the flight deck of the USS Midway, as well as, revisit San Diego’s founding on the San Salvador at the San Diego Maritime museum.

Savannah, Georgia
First, we visit one of Savannahs’ twenty-two historic squares to learn why this city has been said to have the best layout in the US, and possibly the world!    Next, we’ll step back in time and visit Old Fort Jackson. At over 200 years old it is the oldest brick fortification in Georgia.  Finally, we steam on to the Railroad Museum and see how the other half once lived and make our last stop at the Tybee Island Lighthouse for a look at how these amazing structures actually work.

St. Augustine , Florida
There's a lot to cover in the oldest city in America. Take a sip from the distinctively tasting Fountain of Youth. Then we'll cross the draw bridge of the undefeated Spanish Fort, the Castillo San Marcos. Then we’ll learn the true history of pirates at the Pirate Museum.

St. Petersburg, Florida
Up, up and away! We discover St. Petersburg Florida's aviation roots at the St.Pete History Museum. Then, comb your mustache, we visit the Dali Museum to look at Salvador Dali's amazing masterworks. We’ll dredge the deep looking for sponges, and defend the bay at Fort Desoto.

Toronto, Ontario
We visit the world class city of Toronto. There we'll head straight up the Western Hemisphere's tallest structure, the CN Tower. Next we score a look at the Hockey Hall of Fame and see a North American castle at Casa Loma. Finally we see how the British defended the city of York against the newly formed United States at Fort York.

Vancouver, British Columbia
This episode we visit the bright lights of Vancouver, Canada. We’ll swing along the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge, get tranquil in Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s Chinese garden, learn about Captain Vancouver at the Vancouver Maritime Museum, dig up Cesna Em “The City Before the City” at the Museum of Vancouver, and dive into the city’s seedy underbelly at the Police Museum.

Wilmington, North Carolina
America's military history is on display on the decks of the USS North Carolina. Then we visit the historic Confederate Fort Fisher civil war museum and learn about the Carolina's role in the civil war.

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