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A film by Samuel Lajus and Christiane Vulvert

The story of a little Jewish boy who emigrated to Palestine in 1934 is a magnificent tale in and of itself. But then came his meetings with Ben Gurion, Sadat, Kennedy, Arafat, Bill Clinton…This 2-part documentary, filmed over a period of two years with Peres in Tel Aviv, is an epic tale of Israeli and Middle East history told through the words of a man who was at the center of it all. It is an extraordinary trip through history, thanks to never before seen archive footage, Shimon Peres' private photos, and manuscripts that illustrate his captivating story.

     Part 1: Becoming Essential

     Part 2: Conflict & Contradiction

"Why should we build walls instead of building bridges? Finally all walls fall down, from Jericho to Berlin... My dream is to convert the 400 kilometers of partition, of hatred, of dangers into 400 kilometers of peace, cooperation and understanding."
        Shimon Peres

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