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Taking advantage of the latest digital animation techniques, Science Gossip summarizes the careers of important figures from the History of Science. Although scientific rigor is respected, the point of view is more light hearted and amusing so that viewers receive short, dynamic doses of interesting information about each scientist, complemented by curios anecdotes. First class information, totally true, fully proved and lots of fun!

Titles Include:

    Charles Darwin: The Ape Man
    Isaac Newton: The Smartest Kid In Town
    Nikola Tesla: The Forgotten Genius
    Johannes Kepler: The Music Of The Spheres
    Galileo Galilei: And Yet It Moves
    Albert Einstein: Everything Is Relative
    Benjamin Franklin: Science & Politics        
    Marie Curie: The Radium Woman!
    Louis Pasteur: Get Vaccinated!
    Pythagoras: Number, Numbers!
    Euclid: The Elements!
    Thomas Robert Malthus: Numbers & People!
    Alessandro Volta: Batteries Not Included!
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