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Political assassinations have long changed the course of world history. This collection of acclaimed documentaries looks at the best known assassinations in the region and provides little know facts and insight to help better understand the geo-political situations that led to their untimely deaths. Witness interviews, re-enactments and, in many cases, voices from the grave, help bring to light the reasons why these outspoken leaders risked their lives in the face of such extreme opposition.

Collection includes:

Jorge Gaitan, The End Of A Colombian Dream
A film by Maria VALENCIA and Michel NOLL
On April 9, 1948, despite strong social tensions, US general Marshall opens the 9th Pan-American conference in Colombia's capital Bogota. Jorge Gaitan, the popular opposition leader and fierce opponent to the Colombian oligarchy, is shot dead. The aftermath? Two days of riots that left 5,000 dead and a guerrilla war that we still know today.

Salvador Allende, Coup D'etat in Santiago
A film by Michael TRABITZSCH
On September 11, 1973 General Pinochet leads a military coup d'etat against democratically elected President Salvador Allende. Allende decides to barricade himself with a few loyal friends and his guards in LA MONEDA, the presidential Palace of Santiago. He refuses to negotiate with the military, and addresses the Chilean people one last time over the national radio. When the air force starts bombing the Palace, he tells his supporters to surrender, and refusing this choice for himself, commits suicide. This remarkable and moving documentary exposes the most impressive footage about the events, some of which have never been seen before, and includes interviews with the friends and guards who were present in LA MONEDA on that fatal September 11th day.
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