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Take an unprecedented journey through Italy. Soar high above the magnificent peaks of the Alps, to the rural fields of Tuscany, to the breathtaking coastal regions of Umbria and Basilicata, to the romantic canals of Venice and to the historical streets of ancient Rome.  Bear witness to an inexhaustible reign of castles, fortresses, and places of worship.  Glide majestically above breathtaking coasts to secluded romantic bays and picturesque islands.  Travel to bustling seaports and millenary towns before heading inland to the productive farmlands and hillside villages in the peaceful countryside seeped in ancient and modern traditions.  Magnificent Italia is a true mosaic of cultures, nature and art revealing three millennia of history.

As Francis Ford Coppola discovered, Basilicata is a place of both ancient and modern tales.  Journey to the seaside fishing villages before ascending to the tops of the mountains where traditions remain constant in modern times.  Full of fascination, visit magnificent caves dug into the rocks, and the beautiful beaches lining the blue sea.

TUSCANO  (Elba to Firenze)
Take a journey to the birthplace of Italian Renaissance to the flowing fields of rural Tuscany.  In a region known for artistic greats such as Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo, Tuscany flourishes in artistic history.  Venture on a scenic excursion through the museums of Florence, and the town of Pisa where you will truly marvel at one of the most breathtaking regions in the world.

From the Alps to the Adriatic where the Mediterranean reaches the heart of Europe, follow along as we travel to Northern Italy's mountains, lagoons, and golden sandy beaches in search of what defines this beautiful region and the unique nature of the people who inhabit the land.

SICILIA  (From Favignana to Agrigento)
Roman and Greek influences are present throughout the largest island in the Mediterranean.  With a population of some five million inhabitants, the cities within the island are born and bred by the sea.  Visit the port cities made famous by explorers and archaeological sites that depict the past of this great island.

Bordering Tuscany to the West, the il cuor verde d'Italia, which translates to “The Green Heart of Italy,” tells a story that is to be treasured by all.  Witness the spirituality of Saint Francis and his undying love for nature in this picturesque Central Italian region.

Take flight over the summits of the Dolomites, an inexhaustible reign of Alpine castles and fortresses of history and contemporary art.  Follow in the footsteps of the pioneers of mountaineering where Italian and Germanic legends reverberate amongst the woods and valleys, torrents, impetuous cascades and placid lakes.

MARCHE  (From Ancona to Gabicce)
Lining the Adriatic coast, long sandy beaches and rocky promontories combine to create a dramatic landscape.  Immerse yourself in the silence of ancient monasteries, the bustling seaports, and the age-old traditions of the interior towns.  Discover the artistic heritage worthy of great cities of art.

PUGLIA  (From the Tremiti to Bari)
Puglia is a region with many fascinating landscapes, from the Adriatic coast to the interior, from the wild nature of the islands to the vast plains broken by calcareous rocks.  Traverse through the tiny fishing villages that dot the coast, to the most famous sanctuaries of Southern Italy amid productive farms and legendary castles.

CAMPANIA  (Naples and the Gulf)
Experience the beauty of Naples with its thousands of gothic churches, fascination with music, its popular traditions, and culture that make Naples world-renowned.  Travel from times past encountering ancient origins that are reflected in the blue of the Mediterranean.

Nestled amongst the parks and valleys of the Italian Alps, journey back in time as we travel to the magical summits of Mount Blanc and the Matterhorn in search of a greater understanding of the ancient Roman culture that lives in harmony with these vast mountains.

LAZIO  (Rome and Province)
A synthesis of history, art and culture is concentrated in Rome, the Eternal City.  As we walk through its streets, every corner evokes memories of its extraordinary past, and we cannot help but marvel at the magnitude of this once queen of the world, and her surrounding mountains, villas and castles.

LIGURIA  (The Eastern Riviera)
Along Italy's northwest coast, travel in the footsteps of the locals down the narrow streets of these quaint seaside towns. From secluded romantic bays, to urban landscapes, the sea is a constant reminder of the famous navigators that have made call to the region.

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