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The prejudice surrounding insects has been a source of many misunderstandings. Research has even shown that insects enriching the earth have decreased by 25% over a period of 40 years. Are insects really deserving of the hate and underestimation by human beings? Insects, Geniuses of Strategy looks at the small world of insects, where insects fight to live another day and preserve their offspring.

Episode 1: Secretive Births
"Secretive Birth" shows the heartbreaking battles that insects engage in for their offspring. You will be led through the lives of insects that adopt different strategies to survive, for the sole purpose of producing offspring.

Episode 2: Hide & Seek
"Hide-and-Seek" introduces the creative hunting techniques and defense strategies of insects. From the private life of an yellow owlfly larva that tricks and hunts its prey with its big, intimidating jaw, a European grain moth larva freeloading off an ant nest, an acorn weevil having a tense standoff to get an acorn, you will get a close look at the clever tactics that insects employ in order to live and serve their purpose on Earth.

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