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Roads are the largest human artifact on the planet; they have fragmented wild landscapes, endangered species, ushered in the "age of urban sprawl," and challenged our bedrock sense of community. America's network of interstate highways and local roads were largely constructed before the advent of modern day ecology. What would it take to imagine a new kind of road that would mitigate their environmental impact? It is critically important considering the furthest spot from a road in the lower 48 states is only 22 miles. We have bisected the land like few others.

Division Street embarkes on a journey that chronicles the latest environmental research and engineering today giving hope that a  transportation crisis can be averted.

Expert commentary includes:
   Linda Chapin, Director of the Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies, University of Central Florida
   Dr. Tony Clevenger, Western Transportation Institute
   Dr. Richard Forman, Prof of Landscape Ecology, Harvard University
   Dr. Marty Main, Professor of Wildlife Ecology, University of Florida
   Dr. Daniel Smith, Science and Planning in Conservation Ecology, University of Central Florida
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