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This balanced and highly informative four-part documentary series provides an unprecedented look at the cultural and political history of Ukraine. Interviews with historians combined with unique archival footage paints a raw and immediate portrait of a nation dramatically fighting for and maintaining its independence.

DVD's include four language options:
    - English
    - Polish
    - Russian
    - Ukrainian

Titles Include:

From Rus To Ukraine
The introduction of Christianity in 988 and the formation of a powerful state, Kyiv Rus, marked the beginning of Euro-centric history for the Eastern Slavs. Paradoxically, 250 years later, after the Tartar-Mongol invasion, the state of Kyiv Rus ceased to exist, it was the very Mongol occupation that induced the formation of three nations-the Ukrainians, the Russians and the Byelorussians. Kyiv would return to its former splendor and, owing to Petro Mohyla and others, Ukrainian culture would develop in tandem with European culture.

Ukraine Or Little Russia
The so-called “long 19th century”, was a comparatively peaceful period in Eastern Europe following the Napoleonic wars. At the time, intellectual nationalist movements started to form in the Romanov and Habsburg empires; they proclaimed ideas of self-sufficiency and national identity. The 19th century is the century of the formation of present-day Eastern Europe, the century when the contemporary Ukrainian nation was born.

Together Forever
The cessation of hostilities in Eastern Europe, marked by the Treaty of Riga in 1921, is upended by the Yalta Conference in 1945, which re-drew state borders and determine the zones of influence after the Second World War. The totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union subjected Ukrainians to a period of intense social engineering, the results which would become engraved in the structure and mentality of the Ukrainian people.

In the decades following the Yalta Conference and Soviet occupation, Ukraine succeeded in establishing itself on the international arena as an independent state. Its political system, however, did not avoid certain striking weaknesses. The attempt to falsify the results of the presidential elections in 2004 induced the outbreak of the Orange Revolution. Millions of people all over Ukraine rose against the authorities’ abuse of power to express their will to live in a truly free and democratic country. A will that continues today.

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