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Rocks are the memory of our planet. Their constant reforming cycle captures moments in time, so if you want to know about evolution, extinction, or creation, look in the rocks. This series is an epic journey through space and time, from lava-spewing volcanoes, over petrified waves, to chiselled marble palaces and granite colossi. Rocks provide an endless source of wonderment and beauty.

Titles include:

Hawaii is a state in motion, formed by magma spewing volcanoes that turn into basalt. It is the only rock that you will see in solid and liquid form.

The native population of Hawaii considers 1,200 degree hot lava, which buries everything in its path, not as an instrument of destruction- but of creation. When you are a homeowner in the path of a lava flow that perspective is difficult to keep in mind. Consulting artists and scientists with their own points of view, we see upon closer examination that dark, brooding basalt can shine.

Like basalt, granite is an igneous rock, only it cools and solidifies deep in the earth. The Brittany coast is wild and rugged and the perfect place to explore granite. It is home to the Cote de Granite Rose, or Pink Granite Coast, a geological rarity that attracts petrologists from all over the world for its unique rock formations.

On our journey through Brittany we meet people who have built into the granite and others who have built structures out of it. The Chateau de Kérouzéré, a relic of the 15th century, has imposing walls up to 12 feet thick. The Menhirs, tall upright stones, erected during the stone age in the mysterious "Alignments of Carnac“ attracts thousands ever year. And then there is one of France's most important landmarks of all time, the Mont Saint Michel monastery, constructed over 500 years, is granite incarnate.

Marble, the work of  masters. Born from intense pressure deep within the earth, it rises to become art, monuments, temples...

To mine marble, you must move mountains, literally. The largest mountains in the world are home to the huge Indian quarries that produce truck load after truck load of noble Makrana marble. Its perfection and endurance are epitomized in one of the eight architectural wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal.

Journeying back in time to the edge of a 50,000 year old crater large enough to accommodate San Francisco's downtown, we see what a strike from outer space can do.

Meteorites, meteor showers and shooting stars hold a special fascination over us. They are like witnesses from another world. Thus demand is high, resulting in a cadre of meteorite hunters reaching for the stars, and thousands of dollars a "stone."

From sand to stone and back again, sandstone is the softest of stones. And from it is hewn some of the most incredible landscapes in the world.

Take a 3.700 miles journey zig zagging through the unspoiled wilderness of the American West.  Witness Slot Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Bryce Canyon National Park, and the granddaddy of them all, the Grand Canyon. Plus you'll see how the ancients dwelled in the pueblos.
DVD Release 2017
Closed Captioned
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