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Political assassinations have long changed the course of world history. This collection of acclaimed documentaries looks at the best known assassinations in the region and provides little know facts and insight to help better understand the geo-political situations that led to their untimely deaths. Witness interviews, re-enactments and, in many cases, voices from the grave, help bring to light the reasons why these outspoken leaders risked their lives in the face of such extreme opposition.

Collection includes:

Dag Hammarskjold: Night Flight To Death
A film by Hans-Rudiger MINOW
During the Cold War, the power blocs of the East and West vied to control the vast mineral resources of the former Belgian colony, The Congo. The CIA working with the British, French and Belgian Secret Services feared that this newly independent African country had fallen under Soviet influence. So the Secret Services funded a rebellion in the mineral-rich province of Katanga-and installed a puppet President, Moishe Tchombe, who's first act was to call back Belgian troops and fund an army of white mercenaries to fight the central government. Dag Hammarskjold, the Swedish Secretary General of the United Nations flew there to prove the United Nations could be a mediating, independent force in such conflicts. Still in its infancy, the ideals of the UN untried, Dag Hammarskjold-the poet, philosopher, idealist-sent in UN troops to the quell the rebellion. For the first time in the UN's history, blue helmets were engaged in military action. But the UN's western delegates were infuriated by Hammarskjold's initiative, and on his way to a ceasefire conference, his plane would crash in the African bush in mysterious circumstances.

Patrice Lumumba: Assassination Colonial Style
A film by Thomas GIEFER
Patrice Lumumba, the first Prime Minister of the newly independent Congo, was a hero to his fellow Africans but a communist threat to the West. The West believed Lumumba was pro-soviet and would open the door to communist control of this mineral rich region. Within months of becoming Prime Minister in 1960, Lumumba was ousted in a military coup, inspired by the West. It was led by a turncoat colonel, Desire Mobutu who would be Congo's military dictator for the next thirty years. In early December 1960, Patrice Lumumba and two of his Ministers were killed by members of the Belgian Secret Service. None of the murderers, or the men behind them, has ever been indicted, but Lumumba's voice still echoes throughout Africa today.

Felix Moumie: Death In Geneva
A film by Frank GARBELY
For the French government, Cameroon had a particular strategic importance. Paris was afraid that in case of defeat against Moumie's UPC, a left wing movement of independence, France would not only lose Cameroon, but also other colonies in Western and Central Africa. Paris was convinced that it was in Cameroon it was going to win or lose the Cold War and Africa. For twenty-five years, in an attempt to "save the country of communism", French authorities committed horrible war crimes: more than 300,000 persons were deported, tortured and executed. Felix Moumie had to disappear and his movement had to be eliminated-at any price. This documentary looks critically at France's dirty war in Cameroon as well as the reaction to Moumie's death by both French and Swiss authorities.

Thomas Sankara & French Africa: Fratricide In Africa
A film by Didier MAURO and Thuy-Thien HO
Burkina Faso, Africa, October 15, 1987. Automatic gunfire breaks the evening's silence and kills President Thomas Sankara. Would the assassins have been sent by his brothers in arms, Blaise Compaore, with whom he had launched the Marxist Revolution a few years before? His main argument was also one of the assassins: Sankara had lost all sense of reality and was leading the Revolution into chaos. It needed to be "rectified". But who really was behind his "rectification" and why? Dark forces from France, the former colonial power, envying neighbor states, wealthy business interests?
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