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When students and parents discuss the costs of college or university it’s usually centered around tuition, but there are other costs, more obscure and sinister that should also be discussed.   These hidden costs relate to the ethics and health related issues that arise from the pressures to succeed and of keeping up appearances on campus…in all its varied forms.
Think partying, binging, pledging, experimenting, succeeding, drugging, socializing, relieving, enduring and surviving.

The program may be customized by selecting any or all of the following chapters and sorting as you like:

    1. Fraternities & Sororities
    2. Hazing
    3. Sports
    4. Partying
    5. Study Drugs
    6. Loan Interest & Fees
    7. Sugar Babies
    8. Spring Break

A school branded streaming website can also be set up for campus wide viewing. Excellent for orientation (students and parents), campus life discussions and Upward Bound programs.  Contact us for pricing on bulk DVD quantities for handout.

Warning: Contains graphic scenes. Preview prior to circulation.

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