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Humans have lived in the geological era of the fourth Holocene of the new age for 10,000 years. However, some scientists have determined the human impact on Earth and stated that the era of the Holocene has ended and that the new era of Anthropocene has begun. This means that human activity is equal to asteroid impacts and tectonic movements. Paul Crutzen, Nobel Prize laureate, has used the term “Anthropocene” for the first time. His proposal has been accepted in geology and biology and there has been participation in discussion by experts in philosophy of science, humanities and social sciences which has been spreading widely around the world.
Episode 1: The Planet of Chickens
The first part will explore the newly proposed concept of Anthropocene, And by using "chicken bones" as a lead, we will take a look at how the diversity of the biodiversity has collapsed and view the period when mankind changed it and why chicken bone is a symbol of Anthropocene.

Episode 2: Techno Fossil
When does Anthropocene start? A new layer made from new materials that have not been previously available before the human technology of plastic and concrete is called a Techno Fossil. Part two will give insight into the history of the human civilization and industrialization through "plastic" and will see how plastic is born and dies.

Episode 3: Andre’s Sea
Bungin, a small island in Indonesia's Sumbawa is called the world's most densely populated island. There are about 3,800 people living on a 12-hectare sized land. Due to the large population, trees cannot be seen as the island is filled up with houses and narrow streets. Indigenous tribe of Bajos living in the sea have settled on this island. This single tribal island who did everything through their traditional ways is undergoing many changes now.
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