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Over the course of civilizations there have been revolutions where ordinary people united to overthrow oppressive regimes. However, there were three revolutions that changed the course of modern history and initiated major changes to the political, social and economic ideologies adopted around the world. 

The American Revolution - 1775-1783
We begin with the birth of the Nation and what led to the Declaration of Independence. How is it that thirteen small colonies in North America were able to succeed – against a global power such as Great Britain?  Learn about the seven-year war, the Boston Tea Party and the origin of the Declaration of Independence. Concepts such as triangular trade, the Founding Fathers, separatists and federalists are presented. Once the War of Independence was won, why did it take years to write the Constitution? And what was life like afterwards, and how did Native Americans and slaves fare? It is these events that shaped the America of today.

The French Revolution - 1789 to 1799
It began when revolutionaries stormed a prison called the Bastille. What were the underlying causes for the revolution? What was the Reign of Terror? Who was Maximilian de Robespierre? Then we take a look at the aftermath of the French Revolution and the impact it had on other political ideologies and governments to better understand why this dramatic period was so important in history.
The Russian Revolution - March 1917 – November 1917 
The Russian Revolution, actually two rebellions, was a revolution that destroyed the Tsarist autocracy, and helped create the Soviet Union.  Learn about Lenin, the Bolsheviks, communism, the notorious Rasputin, rumors of cannibalism, and acute poverty. All of which led to a revolution, a coup d’état and a civil war.
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