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This intriguing documentary series takes viewers back to a time not long ago when much of the world was ruled by powerful monarchies. The viewer witnesses the daily goings-on in the palaces of 17th century China, Korea, and Japan, retold by experts in the politics and social life of the day. Using original documents and artwork, along with beautifully re-enacted scenes of public ritual and private life at the actual historic sites, viewers learn what went on behind palace gates during China’s Ming and Qing dynasties, Chosŏn-era Korea, and Japan's Tokugawa shōgunate in Edo.

Titles include:

The Servant Women
The Servant Women explores the role of China's gongnu, Korea's kungnyŏ, and Japan's nyōkan, the women who dedicated their lives to serving the emperors, kings, and shōgun of those countries. Part of the emphasis is on how the women were chosen and what they had to endure to stay in their position, but much of this installment looks at the role these women played in politics and palace intrigue as they became concubines, lovers involved with officials, and even queens.

The Eunuchs
The Eunuchs looks at the lives of the castrated men who played such important roles in China and Korea. That they could amass so much power and wealth, particularly in China, meant that many boys were sent into this role by their own families. Their private lives are also explored, including their romances and even marriages involving female servants of the palace.

Queens and Empresses
Queens and Empresses details the lives of the women who would stand and sleep side by side with the rulers of Northeast Asia. From the grueling selection process, the responsibilities and duties, to the political role these women played, no subject is left untouched. "Queens and Empresses" gives the viewer a chance to learn a little historic gossip that might be the background for the next blockbuster film.

DVD Release 2017
Closed Captioned
Duplication, Digital and HD ITV rights available