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In the 16th century the area around the Mediterranean Sea was the central arena for a power struggle between Christian Europe and the Muslim Ottoman Empire. It was a conflict for power and wealth, and cultural and religious supremacy, that would last nearly three centuries, the outcome which resonates to this very day. With guidance of esteemed historians coupled with powerful re-enactments, relive the most dramatic and pivotal moments of this legendary clash of civilizations.

Titles include:

Empire Builders
Constantinople, the gateway between East and West was the former epicentre of the Eastern Christian Empire of Byzantium. The Ottoman Empires momentous conquest of these lands began the accelerated rise of one of the greatest Empire's the world has ever known. Under the direction of the Sultan Suleiman the Golden Age of the Ottoman Empire begins.

Conquer & Conquest
The lands and islands of the Mediterranean played host to some the most extraordinary sieges in European history, including the island of Malta as well as the commercial superpower of the 16th century, Venice. The love/hate relationship between Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire exploded into an all out war for control of the Mediterranean.

End of Empire
The iconic Christian victory at Lepanto would lead to the slow and decadent decline of the Ottoman Empire. We are left to reflect on the legacy of the Empire and how this historic clash of civilizations continues to inform the world we live in today.
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