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From the late eighteenth century through the end of the nineteenth century Vienna was never without a famous composer living and working within her friendly confines. It became known as music’s Golden Period. Charismatic young recording artists and concert soloists from around the world tell the story and play the music of seven composers who made Vienna the City of Music. This untold story is brought to life not with black tie and tails but with vibrant tales of a different sort.

Titles include:

Papa & Wolfgang
Joseph “Papa” Haydn was the father of the symphony and father of the string quartet. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was his young friend and colleague. Within every classical music genre, be it concerto, sonata, symphony, opera or string quartet, there is a masterpiece composed by Mozart.    

The Lion That Roared
The fiery Ludwig van Beethoven composed the music that bridged the Classical and Romantic Periods. Even deafness could not stop this tragic hero from pushing his art to new heights never before seen or heard.   

Franz Schubert, the shy genius, wrote beautiful melodies other composers struggled to write. Timeless melodies seemed to flow from his pen like water. His prolific talent failed to outrun the black cloud of his destiny.

Robert, Clara & Johannes
Robert Schumann was a mentally ill master of composition. He and his concert pianist wife, Clara, were rock stars of their era. Their personal and professional involvement with Johannes Brahms is one of classical music’s most titillating stories.

The Waltz King
Johann Strauss II will forever be remembered as the “Waltz King”. His music taught Europe to dance and brought joy to both the aristocracy and the masses. His good friend Johannes Brahms was an ardent supporter and confidant.

City of Music
During Vienna’s Golden Era she came to be known as the Music Capital of Europe. The number of famous composers that called Vienna home, and the thread that runs between them, jolts the imagination.
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