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Political assassinations have long changed the course of world history. This collection of acclaimed documentaries looks at the best known assassinations in the region and provides little know facts and insight to help better understand the geo-political situations that led to their untimely deaths. Witness interviews, re-enactments and, in many cases, voices from the grave, help bring to light the reasons why these outspoken leaders risked their lives in the face of such extreme opposition.

Collection includes:

Olof Palme, Murder Mystery in Stockholm
A film by Burkhard NAGEL andKlaus D. KAPP
A Social-Democrat and a true man of the people, Sweden's Prime Minister, Olof Plame, detested the rules and regulations that came with his rank as much as he hated the East-West split born of the Cold War. A troublemaker on the international political scene, he was as uncompromising with the White House as he was with the Kremlin, and a passionate spokesman for the Third World. Although he befriended many of the world's intellectuals, his startling viewpoints also made him many fanatical enemies. On February 28, 1986, at exactly 11:21 pm, in the heart of Stockholm, Palme was shot dead as he walked home without bodyguards, as was his habit. Today the murder remains unexplained. The police investigation has followed all leads: CIA, KGB, far-tight international organizations, among others.

Roberto Calvi And The Vatican: The Murder Of God's Banker
A film by Heribert BLONDIAU and Udo GUMPEL
For many years Roberto Calvi was the Vatican front man in a secret operation to transfer money to Poland, supporting the Solidarity trade union in its anti-communist uprising. The Vatican was allied with America's Reagan administration, which was also active in bringing about the downfall of the Soviet Empire. But suddenly a tax inspection revealed a huge hole in Calvi’s accounts and before he could tell his side of the story he was found hanging beneath the arches of Blackfriars Bridge in London. Hours before his hanging, he had warned the Vatican that he intended to save the his skin by telling the Italian Tax Commission that he had used the money for the Pope's secret operations. However, Roberto Calvi did not live to talk.

Lord Louis Mountbatten, Bloody Monday
A film by Hans-Rudiger MINOW
Glassybourne House at Mullaghmore in Ireland was the favorite holiday spot of Lord Louis Mountbatten, cousin to the Queen of England, celebrated navel hero, last Viceroy of India, the man who had supported of Mahatma Gandhi's bid for independence. He thought he was safe there, believing that he was well loved locally, even though the Irish Republican Army was attacking prime targets in the order to force Britain out of Northern Ireland. On the morning of August 27th 1979 Lord Mountbatten's boat was blown to pieces by an IRA bomb, killing him and three others. The IRA had not finished their operations in the area that day, and what would later become known as Bloody Monday, the same IRA group would hours later kill 18 British soldiers at Warren Point.

Aldo Moro, Death in Rome
A film by Michael BUSSE and Rosa Maria BOBBI
Early 1978, the President of the leading Italian Christian Democratic Party, Aldo Moro, was working on an historic compromise that would allow communists in a coalition government. He had even persuaded Communist Party leader Enrico Berlinger to cut ties with Moscow in return for a role in government. It was a new vision of democratic power-sharing which infuriated the Establishment.  On May 9, 1978, in the center of Rome, police discover his body in the trunk of a Renault 4. He had been shot in the heart eleven times after being kidnapped by terrorists of the Extreme Left-The Red Brigades. Today many believe that the killing was really the work of an unholy alliance of conspirators- the Italian Secret Service, right wing politicians and the CIA, who had tricked the terrorist group Red Brigades into doing their dirty work.

Pim Fortuyn, Death Of A Dutch Populist
A film by Peter HERCOMBE and Michel NOLL
Pim Fortuyn was a political outsider and reformist poised to be the next Prime Minister of Holland when on May 6, 2002 he was gunned down in the street after leaving a live radio interview. Only three months earlier this wealthy businessman was considered an outsider, but he had soared in the polls and was now tipped to be the next Prime Minister of Holland. The country, in a state of shock, elects Fortuyn's party in the election with around one-third of votes. Today there is still unease that the killing may not simply have been the act of a lone gunman, but that he had responded to the climate of hate whipped up by the political establishment who were reluctant to give up their long-held grip on power. What was the real attitude of the Establishment and of the Media in Pim Fortuyn's meteoric  ascension?
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