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"The world is a completely different place when we have a loved one this close to us die. Grief is about relearning the world." —Franklin Cook, Unified Community Solutions

Thousands of families are affected by the drug epidemic in our country. Those who suffer the loss of a loved one to overdose are left questioning and often alone. The truth is that addiction is a disease, just like cancer. And while addiction leaves devastating loss in its wake, those who grieve are not alone, and there are people and resources to help. 

With testimony from addiction experts, and family members who have walked through this tragic loss, Among the Many offers hope for anyone grieving the death of a loved one to overdose.

Featured Experts:

Franklin Cook, MA, CPC, is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), private consultant, and owner of Unified Community Solutions in Boston. He has been involved in peer support for addiction recovery since 1981, and has been a peer grief helper since 1999. He is a grassroots advocate for suicide prevention and recovery from addiction, and has implemented community education and training programs for more than twenty years.

Sandra Farrell, MS, CADC, has a master’s degree in Counseling and Human Services, and is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide alcohol and drug counseling. With more than three decades in mental health, Sandra was recently nominated Massachusetts Counselor of the Year by MAADAC, and National Counselor of the Year 2016 by NAADAC.

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