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This series takes a look at the projects emerging from Asia to help combat climate change. These Changemakers are people who have been told that Asia is the problem, with its ever-increasing emissions, but know that Asia, with its boundless energy and creativity, can come up with solutions, as well. Scientists and activists across all fields of science and technology are discovering ideas that can make a difference and help inspire the world over.

Titles include:

In this episode we will explore a nut that produces 10 times the oil as corn does, green algae that sweats oil, solar cars, phones that charge from voice vibration, shoes and floors that generate electricity, air conditioners that heat water, hydrogen cars and the illusive magnetohydrodynamic drive. Every bit helps in the fight to slow global warming.

Everything we do creates waste. And it takes energy and precious land to dispose of waste. Solutions like edible cutlery, islands made of waste that don’t harm the environment and processing food scraps into fertilizer and water go a long way to alleviating the wasteland.

Can we have our cake and eat it to? It is possible to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing comfort by using innovative building materials, architecture and products. You can feel good about helping the environment and save money in the long run too.
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