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Although today only about 20% of it is in its original form, the Great Wall of China remains a fabulous witness to the Empire’s history. Through three compelling documentaries we encounter the people who live within the confines of its shadows. Quite different from ordinary Chinese citizens, their history and fate are intimately linked to this timeless landmark. Rarely filmed, they are proud of their unusual and sometimes curious customs and traditions that represent the eternal China.

Titles include:

Dawn Of The Empire
As we commence our trail of discovery along the Great Wall, we encounter an amateur archaeologist who had the opportunity to buy a piece of the Wall. He spends his weekends excavating unknown treasures on his “property.” To him, knowing the past means you are prepared for the future. Then we meet a master potter specializing in creating terra cotta soldiers according to techniques two millennia old, replicas of the ones at the imperial tomb. Finally, we’ll participate in a rare Taoist ritual to free a poor woman from demons Through this memorable experience we’ll understand the place Taoism held in the olden days, and, in some ways, still does today in these remote parts of China.

Artisans of The Eternal China: From One Dynasty to the Next, An Empire on the Move
Today China is at the heart of the digital revolution. Yet Chinese citizens prize their traditions a thousand years old. In this documentary, we meet an artisan who still makes tissue paper as well as brandy as it was made two thousand years ago. The tissue paper is what is used for the traditional Chinese paintings as well as for paintbrush calligraphy. We will also meet a music instrument maker who still operates as in the olden days. He is part of a music ensemble specializing in Shadow Theatre, one of the oldest forms of lyrical performance art. Of course, in the shadow of the Great Wall.

Great Wall’s Heritage: The Place of the Wall in Today’s China
In the 21st Century, when China is already a dominant economic power, and while drones, missiles and satellites have become the stars of warfare, what role is there for a 2,000 year old defensive wall? It is though the residents of the Great Wall that we can appreciate the profound transformation the Wall has gone through. We'll understand that the traditional festivities, such as the dragon party, new year celebrations as well as family celebrations, are the real cornerstones of their life-style, especially when they are performed at the foot of “their” Great Wall. Today the ancient structure has become a major tourist attraction for international visitors. But for the Chinese, it has become, step by step, over the centuries, the symbol of their identity as well as the metaphor for their prized traditions and folklore.
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