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A Collection of documentaries by George Ciampa

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction....It must be fought for, protected, and handed on to them (future generations) to do the same.”   - Ronald Reagan

The mission of LET FREEDOM RING is to educate young adults on the meaning and high cost of FREEDOM... to stress the sacrifices made by young servicemen and women to ensure that we all can continue to enjoy the freedoms we have. So many of those who have given their lives for freedom were not much older than the target audience.  Freedom is not free. Today the history of this era is not commonly known by many younger Americans and others. Too often people take freedom for granted and never realize that there is always a chance for it to be taken away.

Titles include:

America's Finest Ambassadors, Our Armed Forces (NEW)
Since WWI, US servicemen and women have become "America's Finest Ambassadors." Their interaction with young children during times of war have helped relieve hunger, a longing for love & attention, as well as a need for medical assistance. Regardless of being children of the enemy, our servicemen and women have afforded these necessities regardless of wartime attitudes. In this poignant film, German citizens who were children during WWII, share their experiences with, memories of, and stories about “America’s Finest Ambassadors”.  91-year-old George Ciampa remembers…..

The Lesson Is Priceless
This is the first documentary of one man's dream to share with young people the real cost of freedom. Follow this World War II veteran and his fellow comrades as they return to Belgium together with four young history teachers to relive the Nazi Germany occupation. The teachers, in return, will bring these stories to life for their students, aided by this documentary. Hear stories of the Battle of the Bulge from WW II veterans and watch first-hand accounts told by Belgian citizens and resistance fighters.

They Will Never Forget
They Will Never Forget relates the stories of dozens of adopters, ranging in age from seven to ninety years of age, of one or more American soldiers' graves at the Henri-Chapelle American Military Cemetery in Belgium. In doing so, they pay tribute and choose never to forget their liberators who gave their lives. This cemetery was chosen for the film location because the producer/director, George Ciampa, who served in five campaigns in France, Belgium and Germany, was assigned to help bury thousands of our dead here.

Memories of France
Filmed in Normandy and Alsace Lorraine, France, George Ciampa takes history teachers, a journalist and WW II combat veterans, who fought in these areas, on a Teachers' Educational Tour. They hear stories from French civilians and resistance fighters who lived under Nazi occupation as well as the veterans who fought there during World War II. The tour also visits the Struthof Concentration Camp and Lorraine Military Cemetery.

Remember The Fallen Heroes Of The Mighty Eighth

Follow Jean-Paul Favrais, a researcher, in his journey to explore the crash sites of the Eighth Air Force in Western France from World War II and his search for family members of those heroes who gave their lives for the liberation of France. Through his research, he brings closure to many families.

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