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Recommended Parents' Choice. Silver Telly Award and Film & Video Omni Award.

The Guidance Systems series features age appropriate children in real life situations that students can relate to. Content written and reviewed by a team of professionals, including counselors, psychologists and educators.

Titles in the series include:

The Bully Report   (NEW)
A relatable and empowering story of a student who encourages his classmates to take a stand against bullying. Students will have a clearer understanding of what bullying is through the real life experiences with bullying from several young students, as well as an understanding of the long-term effects of bullying. The importance of speaking with a trusted adult in the event of bullying is stressed.
    • Developed with insight from clinical psychologist Dr. Meredith Murphy
    • Activities and discussion questions are included with the program
Run Time: 7 Min.            Age: Pri., Elem.

Stranger Danger Awareness: The 5 Traps   (NEW)
Includes a comprehensive discussion of the five common and dangerous traps students could encounter. Dramatic vignettes clearly demonstrate each situation and drives home memorable points to ensure kids remember how to stay smart and play it safe in real life. Students will:
    • Be able to recognize potentially dangerous situations and strategies commonly used to trap children
    • Understand that anyone can be dangerous regardless of their appearance or how well they know them
    • Know how to avoid traps and be safe both online and out and about
Run Time: 10 Min.            Age: Pri., Elem.

Teen Dating Abuse    (NEW)
Dramatic vignettes reveal the story of an average teen whose first serious relationship becomes abusive. This effective program brings teen dating abuse to life and teaches viewers that anyone can be affected. In addition, common red flags are examined to ensure students can recognize potentially harmful situations.
Features insight from clinical psychologist Dr. Meredith Murphy and Teen/LGBT advocate Gio Martinez
Run Time: 7 Min.            Age: Jr., H.S. 

Your Body, Your Health and Drugs
Elementary students must understand at a young age the harmful effects drugs and alcohol have on their body. Presented as an early education drug prevention and health program, young viewers will understand the connection between respecting their body and how drug use can harm it.
Run Time: 13 Min.            Age: Pri., Elem.    

Sexual Abuse: It's Not Your Fault
Elementary aged students present real-life scenarios of sexual abuse and the resulting emotional impact. Follow the children from the beginning to end to identify what sexual harassment is, how to handle this serious issue and establish available age-appropriate solutions.
Run Time: 12 Min.            Age: Pri., Elem.

Say No With Pride
It's important to do things that make you feel comfortable and safe; sometimes that means having to say no. When you do you'll feel better about yourself, it's called pride. Young students are taught to say no with confidence and stand firm. They don't have to compromise with someone creating an unsafe situation. When you feel like you or someone you know is in danger, it's important to say no and give your reasons for saying no. If necessary, get an adult to help. Even if you say yes at first it's never to late to change your mind.
Run Time: 15 Min.            Age: Pri., Elem.

Rumors, Gossip, and Teasing: It Hurts
Rumors, gossip, taunting, teasing and bullying are all forms of harassment. Harassment is when someone or a group of people targets someone else with the goal of making them feel bad. Teasing and taunting might get you angry, but there are healthy ways to deal with it and how it makes us feel. Sometimes the best thing to do is just ignore it. You can avoid people who say mean things. If you see others being bullied and picked on, you should say something to stop it. Helping the person being picked on will help you feel good about yourself, too.
Run Time: 15 Min.            Age: Pri., Elem.

Bullying: There's Always a Way Out

Bullying has moved past face-to-face interaction. Junior High and High School students present real-life scenarios of bullying, including bullying through the Internet, texts and video. Difficult and distressing situations in a variety of settings are addressed, followed by both unproductive actions and resolutions that work. This program covers bullying from its painful beginning to its peaceful end.
Run Time: 25 Min.            Age: Jr., H.S.        

Sexting: Sex Plus Text Equals Trouble
Sexting is a combination of sex and text messaging. Junior High and High School students demonstrate the threat of "sexted" sexually explicit or suggestive photographs, messages and videos. Real life scenarios are presented along with the resulting consequences affecting a teenager's personal, social and future life. Follow students through a variety of sexting situations stemming from careless fun to cyber bullying along with their painful effects.
Run Time: 25 Min.            Age: Jr., H.S.    

Sex Facts: Teens and STD'S
As teenagers become sexually active, STDs become a major risk. Watch as high school students deal with having an STD. Real life scenarios present male and female points of view through the initial discovery, the subsequent fear and embarrassment, the doctor's check-up, and the sexual partner confrontation. Realistic STD prevention methods are presented, while differences between birth control and STD inhibitors are identified.
Run Time: 28 Min.            Age: Jr., H.S.    

Drugs & Alcohol and Your Choice
There are all kinds of drugs. Some help people with medical problems and can be bought in any store, right over the counter. Other medicines must be prescribed by a doctor. The alcohol and energy drinks we see advertised everywhere? Those are drugs, too. Then there are illegal drugs like marijuana. Some drugs are helpful. Some can be hurtful, and even deadly. What do all they have in common? They all change how your body works and they should all be taken seriously.
Run Time: 18 Min.            Age: Jr., H.S.    

Gay, Straight & Accepted
Gay, Straight & Accepted Life can get confusing for adolescents when they begin to develop sexual attractions. Through the perspective of straight teenagers, we meet students coming to terms with how they feel and dealing with the anxiety of "coming out." Noel became extremely depressed because she did not know how to deal with being a lesbian. We meet Sam, who is a victim of homophobic harassment. He overcomes the bullying by building a support team. In the end students will realize that sexual orientation should not be isolating.
Run Time: 13 Min.                Age: Jr., H.S.    

There's Always Help: Suicide Prevention
At some point everyone goes through very stressful and anxious situations. Those experiences can be very hard to cope with and lead to feelings of extreme sadness, anger and depression. Sometimes teens may feel like their situations are hopeless and think that one way to get relief from the bad feelings is to escape through suicide. What are the warning signs of suicide? Is there anything we can do to help prevent it? This is what this program will discuss.
Run Time: 15 Min.            Age: Jr., H.S.   

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