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NOTE: Series orders are delivered in a single, multi-disc case. If you need individual cases you must order the individual DVDs.

Telly Awards- Silver Winner

This series, designed for upper elementary-aged children, presents information on legal and illegal drugs in an easy to understand way. It delves into the impact of the use and abuse of these substances on the human body, individuals, and society.

Titles include:

Viewers will learn about the use and abuse of alcohol and how it affects a person’s body and brain. Designed specifically for young learners, the program provides simple illustrations of alcohol’s impact on bodily functions and the negative effects of alcoholism.

This program presents information on the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. It also delves into the drug’s immediate impact on the functions of your body, and long-term effects on the brain.

This program presents the serious, harmful effects of smoking and nicotine to elementary-aged viewers. Students will learn how cigarettes and the harmful substances in tobacco can damage their bodies and lead to life-threatening illnesses.

What You Need To Know About Drugs

Students will learn about the types and differences between legal and illegal drugs, that legal does not mean substances are safe, the short and long-term impact of these substances on the body, and how illegal drugs can permanently damage your brain and body.

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