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A any time, top destination travel series that's remains relevant while the world changes.

This 24-part series takes viewers on a magical trip to some of the most memorable and exotic destinations in the world. On location filming from both land and air adds a wonderful aesthetic to each episode. Rich narration and authentic soundtracks add depth to the viewer’s experience. These picturesque regions and exotic cities offer the viewer their historical past, their architectural grandeur, and their enduring enchantment. From Europe to the Caribbean, to exotic Asia and Africa, each World Odyssey provides an understanding of life long past with their more breathtaking landscapes of today.

Take a look at the famous Great Barrier Reef, the world’s longest coral reef Cairns, the capital of Brisbane and venture into the Daintree Forest, which remains unchanged since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Austria & Hungary (Land of the Danube)
Visit the birthplace of Albert Einstein and witness the magnificent beauty of medieval architecture. Gaze upon such natural wonders of Germany’s Gorge’s of Weltenburg, Austria’s majestic Gorge of Strudengau, and the mysterious city of Budapest.

In this enchanting place we will see Bayreuth, the temple of opera, the castle of Herrenchiemesee at the lake of Chiemsee and the Benedictine Abbey of Ettal.

In the turquoise sea surrounding many beautiful islands that are steeped in early history and legend, we’ll visit some unique cultures and learn what make these island paradises so special.

Czech Republic
One of the most mysterious and magical of all European countries, this region is a place rich in history and tradition. Prague, also known as the city of100 spires, is the capital of this beautiful land-locked country.

See the beautiful castles in France that are found in the gentle Loire Valley, built during the Middle Ages ad the Renaissance.

Great Britain
Start with a look at Wales and Cornwall. After exploring the capital, Cardiff, we experience the West Country regions of Bristol, Stonehenge and Bath.

Explore Germany’s lush countryside as well as some of the most famous historical and artistic itineraries along the River Rhine. The video culminates with a look at the Rhineland metropolis of Cologne.

Greece (Crete and the Aegean Islands)
In the middle of the most beautiful sea in the world, where Western culture was born, Crete and other enchanted islands shine like pearls of the Mediterranean Sea.

Greece (Athens, Meteor, Peloponnesus)
A fascinating area rich in history, culture, legend, and beauty. Experience Greek art, breathtaking landscapes, poets, gods, sailors, and pirates.

Experience the energy of Ireland’s capital, Dublin, where one can enjoy the sounds of its famous street musicians and the lively life of its people.

Italy (Rome)
The capital of art and keeper of ancient history. Italy is the home of the former High Roman Empire and cradle of Western civilization.

Italy (Naples)
Explore southern Italy and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. In the center is Naples, the capital of art and music. Experience Pompeii, where in 79 A.D. a volcanic eruption destroyed the populous, burying them under a thick layer of debris and mud that conserved them for 1600 years.

Italy (Florence & Tuscany)
Uncover the Tuscany region, the cradle of the Italian language and culture. In the heart of Tuscany lies Siena, rival sister city of Florence, known for its red buildings that are the color of earth.

Italy (Venice)
In Venice, the city of canals, we begin with a boat ride on Lake Garda. Finally, we explore Venice and the islands of Murano and Burano.

Further into the Indian Ocean to what many call the last paradise, is Madagascar.  Here we explore the crafts and churches that make this culture uniquely beautiful.

Between North and S. America, shouldered by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, is an ancient land. The Yucatan is nothing less than a true paradise with legendary cities and modern settlements: Learn about Campeche, the city of the Conquistadors, as well as the ancient cultures of Chichen Itza, Uxmal and Merida—the white city.

New Zealand
A land of lush green pastures, active volcanoes and geysers. The capital, Auckland, is the most inhabited city on its Northern Island. In the Bay of Plenty and White Island, we see New Zealand’s largest active volcano.

Scotland, the most northern section of the United Kingdom, is famous for its castle ruins, fortified cliffs and the mysterious Loch Ness.

South Africa
On the shores of two oceans, South Africa lies in the extreme south of the continent.  From Africa’s most southerly metropolis, Cape Town, we experience both the past and the present of this fascinating culture.

Spain  (The Basque Country)
A land of gorgeous sunsets, which borders the Pyrenees and is the home of the famous Bay of Biscay. Learn what helps to make the country famous.

Spain (Andalusia)
The rich history and art of Arabs and Christians are entwined in this region stretching from Granada to Seville and Cordoba. Also known as the Spain of Islam.

In the Thai capital of Bangkok, also known as the Venice of Asia explore the city’s canals and intricate architecture from the new to the old.

In Vietnam, the former heart of colonial Indochina, there waits for us the picturesque town of Mitho, in the Mekong delta and the immense metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. Experience the capital Hanoi, otherwise known as the Paris of the East.

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