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AGE: M.S. to H.S. Time: Approx. 60 Min. Ea. DVDs: 3
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The Complete Anti Bullying Kit includes everything you need to combat bullying at your school. Keith Deltano, winner of the Teaching Excellence Award and the National Impact Award, addresses the needs of the students, educators and parents. He uses a combination of humor and straight talk to inspire the bullied, as well as bystanders, and force the bullies to take a harsh look at why they do what they do. This "tough talking" dude does not hold back.

The Complete Anti Bullying Kit includes:

Student DVD:  Serious Comedy Clips
Keith uses serious comedy clips to address bullying in a way that will captivate your students and result in behavioral change.  He defines  the four forms of bullying: physical, verbal, exclusion and online, and encourage bystanders to be upstanders, let students know “It’s OK to be Different,” and challenge them to make a stand against hate, racism, and intolerance.  These edgy and hard hitting serious comedy video clips make this kit one of the most effective bullying resources available. Students will learn how much damage they can do to others and themselves through the misuse of social media.  They will understand that much of online behavior is permanent, it will be out there forever.  They will also learn that bullying is prosecutable.  Keith covers the roles of the victim, bully and bystander, as well as actual ways for the bystander to intervene and he will empower victims to stop being victims…all with interactive serious comedy.

Teacher DVD: Bully Proof Your Classroom
One of the few bullying resources that empowers teachers, Keith’s teacher workshop will give teachers, administrators and district supervisors simple strategies they can use to reduce bullying in their classrooms.  This is not educational theory.  As a former award winning middle school teacher, Keith will only advocate what he knows will actually work.  Educators will learn how to break down social hierarchies and cliques, how to help excluded students become included and how to deal with online bullying.  

Teachers will also learn how to cut down and even eliminate the online drama that is taking so much of their time. Administrators and teachers will learn a simple system that will protect them from the often heard phrase, “You’re not doing anything.”  They will learn how to empower the parents and victims in their quest to live a bully free life.

Parent DVD: Bully Proof Your Child
Keith’s parent workshop will empower parents and guardians to build resilient children.  Parents will learn how to teach a non-emotional response as well as the characteristics of a bully proof child. Parents will understand how to deal with drama, texting, Facebook, Instagram, and the whole social media phenomena. Parents will learn how to monitor and control the use of social media and use technology to monitor and limit the time their child spends on social media.  Parents will learn to attempt to address bullying situations themselves before moving to school contact.  Educators asked for a bullying resource that empowers and educates parents; now they have it

Tough Talks
Keith’s “Tough Talks” will deal with challenging societal issues and support character education.  He will address suicide, dropout prevention, the power of apologizing and the cost of being distracted by “swag”.  His anti dropout clip, “The High Cost of Dropping Out” shows teens the actual amount of lifetime income they will lose if they drop out of high school: $450,000.   Keith also has a clip where he will walk your students through signing the anti-bullying pledge. You will be able to print out the pledge from the website portal, place it in front of each student and then play the “Tough Talks” clip, “Signing the Pledge”.  During the clip, Keith will address the students directly and walk them through the pledge so they understand the significance of what they are doing.

Teacher's Guide
The Teacher's Guide contains detailed instructions on how to use the entire kit, including classroom ready discussion questions for use with both the comedy clips and the “Tough Talks”.  The questions are meant to be used to lead a lively class discussion after viewing the clips.   

Internet Portal
More anti bullying resources and links will be found within the internet portal.  Purchasers will receive a code that will gain them access to printable versions of Keith’s anti bullying contract as well as parent handouts and school and classroom level activities.

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