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Teens 101 is a multi-media initiative reaching, guiding, empowering, and inspiring youth through the issues that can affect their mental health and well being. The series communicates from a youth's perspective topics such as: depression and anxiety, addiction, self harm, mental illness, bullying, body image, self worth, family dysfunction, racism, sexuality and LGBTQ. Each program includes a student roundtable discussion of their insights and how they relate to the story. The programs end with expert analysis and solutions.

Asperger’s (Shawn's Story)
From as early as he can remember, Shawn had lived with extreme anxiety. As the years went by, he couldn't connect with other students. He was bullied and could never understand why. A darkness of alienation grew within him and his parents sought help. After years of searching, finally a doctor pinpointed Shawn's mental health issue. He had Asperger's. Armed with this knowledge and treatment, Shawn found his way back in the world and learned how to control his disorder. He now helps younger kids who struggle with this mental health disorder.

Breaking Poverty (Billionaire PA’s Story)
Poverty, drugs, violence, abuse, family death. All of which Dimitrius experienced as a child and young teenager. He became a great salesman. The only problem is he sold drugs on the street landing him in and out of jail. What else can you do when you live in such poverty? His grandmother planted a thought in his head, "if you could use the focused energy you have in selling drugs to channel into something good, you will be unstoppable." Taking her advice, he not only turned his life around, but is now saving so many others from the hardships that he endured as a teenager. He is a true inspiration to so many and his goal is to reach a Billion people.

Broken Families (Lydia’s Story)
Lydia's life as a child was filled with family dysfunction, drugs, abuse and the death of her mother. She ended up in the foster care system before the age of 10 and would endure moving between 36 different foster homes. Lydia was left with a lack of identity, belonging, and self-worth. The longing of her family and her loneliness created a cycle of destruction or "acting out." Nothing or no one could fill the void she felt. Somehow, she found an incredible strength to turn her life around. Living out of a car, she put herself through school and became determined to have her own family, providing a loving home for her two children, something she never had.

Depression and Anxiety (Eleanor’s Story)

Eleanor had a hard time fitting in. She was severely bullied through elementary school. High school wasn't any different, but this time it was a lot worse as she became depressed and developed paralyzing anxiety to the point where she couldn't breathe. It was physical pain for her. She wouldn't be able to enter a room full of people nor could she be touched. Life was unbearable. It took time, support and focus, but with therapy and medication, Eleanor blossomed into a happy young woman that now study's psychology in College and works in an institution assisting troubled youth.

Depression and Self Harm (Brittany’s Story)

At the age of 14, following a quarrel with a friend of hers from school, Brittany turned to her mother for comfort. Instead, her mother lashed out at her calling her selfish. From that day on, Brittany began to internalize her feelings. Her insecurities grew and she turned to drugs and alcohol. At a party with friends from school, her excessive drinking led to sexual abuse. This made things worse. She began to engage in self-harm practice, cutting her arms regularly. The more depressed she got, the worse the self-inflicted harm became until she was hospitalized for it.

Don’t Diss My Abilities (Michelle's Story)

As a child and teenager, Michelle endured a series of events that was nothing short of soul crushing. She faced sexual abuse as a child and kept it a secret over the years. At the age of sixteen she acquired a brain disease that rendered her blind. Her so-called friends bullied her at school. She fell into a deep depression and turned to drugs, alcohol and self-harm to numb her pain, but nothing seemed to help. She felt her only option was suicide. Thankfully a miraculous turn of events saved her life and now this remarkable young woman faces all of her adversity with such positive energy that it's become infectious and humbling to all that know and love her.

Eating Disorder/Nutrition (Sterling’s Story)

At the age of 13, Sterling was a cheerleader and cross country runner. One day her uncle commented that she was getting a roll around her belly. Sterling became obsessed about her weight. She stopped eating and when she did eat, purging was the option. She was losing weight beyond what was normal while still competing and running until the point where she mutilated herself and ended up in an institution. Sterling was 5'7" and weighed 95 pounds. Her body started to shut down. She stopped menstruating and the doctors warned her that she may never be able to have children. Her miraculous recovery is truly an inspiring story to all youth. The moral of the story? - One small unkind word can have devastating effects on another person's life.

I’m Not Addicted (Will's Story)

You can become addicted to just about anything. It becomes a serious problem when it takes you away from the things you normally do. Some people have a predisposition to addiction and Will's story shows that anyone can fall dangerously into addiction. It started with a video games addiction which was the beginning of the slippery slope that almost cost him his life. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. He could never imagine that at the age of 17 he would be living on the streets addicted to crack cocaine and near death. His remarkable story brings so much hope to those that struggle with addiction and now he dedicates his life to helping youth.

Identifying Transgender (David’s Story)
As far back as David could remember, he did not identify with being a little girl. He wished he were a boy. Depression and anxiety set in and it just got worse until puberty hit and he could no longer deal with it. He told his parents that he identifies with being a boy and he couldn't go on any longer. The moment he changed his name to David and decided that he is male, life started making sense. Happiness set in like he had never experienced and with his parents’ and sister's support, David has finally found comfort in his life choice as transgender.

LGBTQ - Acceptance (Joey’s Story)
When reaching puberty at the age of 12, Joey was coming to the realization that he was gay. Within his school and community, Joey felt that he was the only gay teenager. This terrified him. He confided in a "friend" who soon spread the word around the school. Joey became the target of bullying and ridicule. Then it happened at home. His father could not accept that his son was gay and abandoned the family. Soon after, his mother abandoned him as well leaving him to live with his "unaccepting" grandparents. He was alone in the world. The only way, so he thought, was to take his own life. This is Joey's heartbreaking story.

Social Media Bullying (Cristina’s Story)

At the age of 13, a boy approached Cristina asking her to be his girlfriend. She declined the boy's offer and he became angry threatening that she would regret it. One day Cristina came to school and everyone eyed her every move. Whispers in ears and laughing, she felt something was terribly wrong. She inquired from a friend who told her this boy had circulated a nude photo online saying that it was Cristina, although the person's face was not seen. She was mortified and ran home. She thought that her parents, the school and even the authorities would be able to put a quick stop to it, but she was wrong. This devastation turned her into a tormented young woman who could not escape the rumors for 7 years. It destroyed her life as a teenager and broke her spirit and ultimately made her not want to live anymore.

Who Am I? (Eileen’s Story)
Eileen's family emigrated from China to North America to create a new life for their children. The Chinese family culture and dynamics were important in the household. Eileen found it difficult to fit in with her peers and she was heavily relied upon at home for chores. She was also pushed hard to excel at school and was placed in a school for advanced education. Unfortunately at a young age, she was sexually molested and kept it a dark secret. Her self-identity would develop into a critical low level of self-esteem and alienation from any social life. High school was a nightmare. She found a message of hope from an unusual source and decided that prior to entering college she'd transform her life with an ultimate spiritual and physical makeover.

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