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Broadcast Rights available for 100 individual programs at 6 minutes each.

This collection of documentaries looks at the most worldly and the most consequential events of the 20th Century. It is extremely rare that a series of this magnitude can offer such a unique clarity of events, credibly enhanced with insider accounts. It's all covered!  An important and extensive collection documenting the significance of wars, politics, tragedies, achievements, influences, events and people.
1900: World Exhibition In Paris
1901: Death Of Queen Victoria
1903: The Wright Brothers
1906: Earthquake In San Francisco
1907: Rasputin And The Romanovs
1909: Suffragette Demonstrations

1911: The Race To The South Pole: Amundsen Makes It And Scott Dies
1912: The Maiden Voyage Of The Titanic
1913: The German Kaiser
1914: The Assassination: Sarajevo And The Beginning Of World War I
1916: WWI - The Great War: The Battle Of Verdun
1917: The Russian October Revolution
1918: The Revolution In Germany: Scheidemann Proclaims The German Republic
1919: The Contract: The Treaty Of Versailles

1920: The Beginning Of Prohibition
1922: The Seizure Of Power: Mussolini's March To Rome
1922: The Excavation Of Tutankhamen
1923: The Putsch: Hitler
1924: Stalin – Lenin
1925: Charlie Chaplin In Hollywood
1926: "Golden Twenties": Josephine Baker In Her Banana Skirt
1927: The Winged Hero: Charles Lindbergh Flies Across The Atlantic
1928: The Discovery: Help Through Penicillin
1929: Black Friday: The Stock-Market Crash And Its Consequences


1930: The March: Ghandi
1932: The Crisis: The End Of The Weimar Republic
1933: The Beginning: Hitler's Seizure Of Power
1934: The Long March: Mao
1936: Hero Of The Olympic Games: Jesse Owens
1936: "Moment Of Death" In The Spanish Civil War
1937: Stalin : The Dictator
1937: The End Of Airships: The Explosion Of The "Hindenburg" In Lakehurst
1938: The Night Of Progom
1938: Peace Bought
1939: Hitler's Attack In Poland

1940: Hitler In Paris
1941: The Attack On Pearl Harbor
1941: The Attack On Russia
1942: Auschwitz
1943: The Unbelievable Horror: A Boy From Warsaw
1943: Stalingrad
1944: D-Day
1945: The Bomb At Hiroshima
1945: The Capitulation
1946: The Nuremberg Trials
1947: The Fight For Jerusalem
1948: Aid Shipments For Berlin
1949: The Founding Of The East And West German States

1951: The Comeback Of A Legend: Churchill’s Last Battle
1953: On The Top: The First Ascent Of Mount Everest
1953: Queen Elizabeth II
1953: Stones Against Tanks – Upheaval In East Germany
1954: Bomb Explodes On Bikini Island
1954: Marilyn Monroe
1955: Adenauer In Moscow
1956: The Riot: Anti-Communist Protests In Hungary
1958: Elvis Presley
1959: Cuban Revolution - Fidel Castro In Havana

1961: Adolf Eichmann
1961: The Berlin Wall
1962: The Cuban Missile Crisis
1963: The Assassination Of U.S. President Kennedy
1964: The"Loudmouth": Cassius Clay
1965: A Royal Medal For The Beatles
1966: The Goal Of Wembley
1967: Benno Ohnesorg
1967: Israel: The End Of The Six-Day-War
1968: The Execution Of A Vietcong
1968: The End Of The "Spring Of Prague"
1969: Neil Armstrong: Man On The Moon:

1970: Salute In Warsaw
1972: Napalm Girl From Vietnam
1972: The Attack On The Olympic Camp In Munich
1974: The Guillaume Scandals
1974: The Watergate Hotel: Nixon Resigns
1975: Fall Of Saigon
1976: The Mourning In Soweto: The Bloody End Of Student Protests
1977: Hijack of Lufthansa
1978: First Test-Tube-Baby
1979: The Islamic Revolution: Khomeini's Return To Iran

1980: Lech Walesa - Solidarity
1981: Assassination Attempt On Pope John Paul II
1982: The Falklands War
1983: The Diary Of Hitler
1985: The Aids Virus: Patient Zero
1986: NASA Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes During Takeoff
1986: The Chernobyl Disaster
1987: The Death Of Uwe Barschel
1988: Gladbeck Hostages
1989: The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

DISC 10:
1990: Germany Reunification
1991: The Gulf War
1991: Communists Try To Grab Back Power In Moscow
1992: The Horror In Bosnia
1993: The Failure In Somalia
1994: Nelson Mandela
1995: Yitzhak Rabin
1997: The Death Of Princess Diana
1998: Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky
1999: 100 Years: A Retrospective
Closed Captioned and Video Described
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