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Political assassinations have long changed the course of world history. This collection of acclaimed documentaries looks at the best known assassinations in the region and provides little know facts and insight to help better understand the geo-political situations that led to their untimely deaths. Witness interviews, re-enactments and, in many cases, voices from the grave, help bring to light the reasons why these outspoken leaders risked their lives in the face of such extreme opposition.

Collection includes:

Benazir Bhutto, Duel In Pakistan
A film by Michel NOLL
Since its independence in 1947, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been torn between civil rule and military dictatorship. The first civilian to take power is Zulfikar Ali Bhutto when he triumphantly wins the 1971 elections. But only six years later, General Zia coups him out of his position, puts him on trial and has him hanged, despite major international protests. Nine years later, his daughter Benazir wins the elections and thus makes sure that civilians are back in power. At only 35 years of age, Benazir Bhutto becomes the first woman to run an Islamic Republic.  But the duel continues and eleven years later, General Musharraf prompts another coup d'etat and Benazir will spend several years in prison and eventually in exile. Eight years later, in October 2007, with support from Washington, she returns to Pakistan to stand in the January 2008 elections. Her objective: to restore democracy in Pakistan. This documentary tells Benazir's tragic story as we learn about the turbulent history of her country and its ever-present struggles for power.

Mahatma Gandhi, A Death For Peace
A film by Arnaud MANDAGARAN
On January 20, 1948, Gopal Godse, the man who promised himself to eliminate Gandhi ridicules himself in a failed attempt to kill the mahatma. However, only ten days later, his brother Nathuram will put an end to the life of the Father of the Partition of the Indian Empire into India and Pakistan. Both brothers were member of an extreme-right organization, and even if the politically correct branch of these nationalistic Hindus, the Grand Party of Indian People, displays a much more moderate attitude, it continues to look at Gandhi with ambivalent feelings. As to Pakistan, the whole world has understood the importance of which one has to consider the Muslim movements in this region. And since both countries have access to nuclear weapons, it seems very important to monitor the potential Hindu-Muslim confrontations.
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