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Little Scientist helps children develop scientific reasoning by exploring the world of science that surrounds them. The unique structure of each program combines a short story with scientific information, enabling children to easily and naturally become interested and engaged. While focusing on the story, children will naturally absorb the science that is presented in various "fun" formats. Science is fun!

DVD extra: FUN SCIENCE CHAPTERS that develop basic science concepts from the story.

Titles include:

Our Magic Clothes: The Skin
Skin color varies from person to person depending on where they live. It looks smooth but it has hair that blocks the sun and keeps us warm. It helps us feel. But be careful; you can hurt it.

The Secret of Colors: All About Colors
Learn how to mix colors to make new colors. Colors can be used as symbols and alerts. We even wear different colored clothes for different reasons.

Where Is The Air?: Air & Wind
Although you can’t see it, air is all around us. We explore the uses of air, including breathing, and the importance of clean air.

To Catch The Red Fox: The Food Chain

The hunter becomes the hunted. This continues from smallest to biggest.

Here I Am!: Camouflage
Various animals demonstrate how different shapes and protective coloring help them blend into the background to avoid detection from predators.

Please Visit My Secret Garden: Leaves
Leaves breath and leave us fresh air. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We lose most leaves in winter but they will be back.

Who Ate The Fly?: Carnivorous Plants
The poor frog is surprised when plants keep eating his insects. It is a scary place.

The Magic Time Machine: Fossils

 We learn about dinosaurs and ancient plants from fossils. But how are fossils made?

Will It Rain or Will It Snow: Weather
The weather changes every day. Wet, dry, cold, hot. Storms bring strong winds, uh oh. The weather changes with the seasons too.

Who Is The Janitor?: Scavengers & Decomposers
Who lives under ground? Who lives in the forest? Who lives in the pond? Janitors live in all of them; eating dead plants and animals. Their cleaning helps everyone.

Shhh! It's Earth's Secret: Gravity

Floating aliens are surprised everything does not float on Earth. They learn that everything is held together by gravity.

I Can See It!: Convex & Concave Lenses
Curved glass called a lens can help us see far and near.
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