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From a pure money management, financial planning cost perspective, with a financial literacy streaming service subscription, you receive million$ in peer to peer financial videos, ethnically balanced, contemporary digital content, exclusively focused on financial literacy, ethics, economics, consumer ed., employment skills, money management and entrepreneurship. No financial literacy streaming service training is required when considering education financial services videos.

Support for all financial literacy, financial videos and entrepreneurship curriculums! Today’s learners want money management video streaming content that's meaningful and visual, because that's how they learn. Now with the Financial Literacy Streaming Service (FLSS), you can completely support them with money management video content. Aligned to financial literacy and entrepreneurship standards, each second of every minute of the 100's of financial literacy money management digital video learning segments has but a single objective to visually clarify financial literacy, entrepreneurship, money management and life skills concepts. The Emmy award winning money management video content further enriches financial planning and supports all financial literacy and entrepreneurship courses or curriculums with great streaming video and digital content. Even so, FLSS includes its own extensive financial literacy support guides, financial literacy correlations, financial literacy games, and money management family activities plus other valuable education financial services and entrepreneur resources.

The financial literacy money management video benefits keep coming! Whatever your financial literacy curriculum or entrepreneurship standards, (national or state), our financial literacy money management service supports them. That includes financial literacy organizations or entrepreneurship group such as, Jump$tart, NEFE, CEE, NFTE, FDIC plus significant others. Even better, the financial literacy money management standards are more than met. The Financial Literacy Streaming Service (FLSS) digital video segments round out the ideas so financial literacy and entrepreneurship students comprehend the larger picture by using education financial services plus the streaming money management video content.

Now that's money management and financial videos friendly! A Financial Literacy Streaming Service Quick Start Guide that's been stretched to less than 2 pages long. An education financial services animated digital video tutorials. Financial Literacy Standards correlations linked directly to education financial services with literacy video content. True financial literacy streaming service offers seamless video navigation that allows users to click on financial video content anywhere at anytime.

Truly one of a kind financial literacy service! The Financial Literacy Streaming Service is an unbelievably rich education financial service, amazingly comprehensive, totally supportive, extremely valuable, strategically focused, all- in-one content support system for enriching financial literacy, money management and entrepreneurship programs. And, it's the only one for financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

We really do care about your education financial services, financial literacy videos, money management and entrepreneurship needs! The Financial Literacy Streaming Service has been evaluated and approved by important organizations and education agencies from around the country, at the national, state and building level. And while it's nice to have the education support of Jump$tart and the Texas Education Agency it's equally nice to know they "love it" at the on-line digital video financial literacy streaming service user level.

Keeping the Financial Literacy Service Legal You will need to officially purchase the FI Channels financial literacy streaming service and sign a user agreement. The financial literacy streaming service agreement states you will respect all streaming video and digital copyrights and refrain from sharing the financial literacy and entrepreneurship video content outside the financial literacy subscription service boundaries.

Network Configuration for the Financial Literacy Video Streaming Service Security configurations must be set to allow the financial videos literacy education financial services videos digital streaming service. For the fastest and most concurrent financial literacy education financial service video streams, it is recommended to configure network firewalls for high bit rates on media ports to allow the financial literacy streaming service.

Registration Information for the financial literacy streaming service User data must be submitted for each financial literacy streaming service individual being assigned a personal log-in for digital and financial videos content. Each assigned user may access the Financial Literacy video Channels from three distinct locations, i.e., work, home, travel. Group or general log-ins for access to the financial literacy digital video content is available and restricted to a specific building. Financial Literacy streaming service data may be submitted electronically on a supplied Excel template from FI Channels to access the financial literacy digital video service. ASCII delimited files are also accepted from any administrative software to access the financial literacy video service from FI Channels.

Up and Running It only takes minutes to be set up for the education financial service and financial literacy videos streaming service. User passwords and account set-up for viewing digital and video content on the financial literacy streaming service is completed within 24 hours. Financial literacy concept demonstrations and a Quick Start Guide on using the digital video is available to access the streaming digital video content on-line to assist quick productivity.

Here To Help If you have any questions about FI Channels financial literacy streaming service or the digital and video content, feel free to contact FI Channels at or 800- 475-3456. Remember, it's all about financial literacy and entrepreneurship education using video and digital streaming content.