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A film by: Frank Smith

Highly Recommended: Science Books & Films, Video Librarian

The seas of the Asia Pacific stand as one of the last major centers of marine biodiversity in the world. They contain 75% of the world's coral species and over 3,000 marine fish species. It is also one of the biggest sources of seafood for a voracious world population.

Man's demand for fish, caught legally and illegally, is pushing these reefs to the brink. Bi-catch, cyanide fishing, unsafe long lines, the aquarium industry, unsustainable harvests and climate change all take their toll. Unless drastic action is taken, global fisheries experts warn all that will be left in our oceans will be jellyfish. At stake here is not just the livelihood of a region, but also the future of one of the world’s greatest marine areas. We follow marine biologists from the World Wildlife Fund fighting not just to protect, but to rebuild the oceans. This is a war for fish, for nature, and for the planet.

DVD Release 2016
Closed Captioned
Duplication, Digital and HD ITV rights available