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With a gentle yet insistent voice, Beneath the Blindfold tells the stories of four torture survivors from around the globe who are now among the more than 500,000 survivors who live in the U.S. It is the first documentary to fully look at the lifelong impact of torture on the physical and psychological health of survivors. The hardships they endured are addressed, including a US soldier who received “enhanced interrogation” by his own government. But the emphasis is on the aftermath of these injustices. Beneath the Blindfold follows them through the daunting steps of building new lives, careers, and relationships. And despite the continued fallout from their experience, they feel empowered to speak out and become public advocates for an end to torture.

Includes a 9-page viewers guide to help facilitate an open discussion of an emotional and sometimes contentious topic. It also provides suggestions for continued learning and how to get involved to effect positive change.


“At a time when public opinion has been conditioned to accept torture as inevitable, or even as a necessary tool in a country’s quest for security, ‘Beneath the Blindfold’ reminds us of the immorality and illegality of torture, even when disguised as ‘enhanced interrogation.’  This essential documentary shakes our complacency and determines us to insist on actual, effective abolition of torture in our time.”
   - Juan E. Méndez, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
“…in presenting the words of torture survivors, rather than of politicians, apparatchiks, and wonks, the film can’t help but change one’s perspective on the policy debate.”
   - Noah Berlatsky, The Atlantic
“One of my favorite movies to play Chicago so far this year. An eye-opening documentary about the fate of torture victims living in the U.S. I left the movie aware of… the unquantifiable knowledge of what it’s like to live with the memory of being tortured.”
    - Ben Sachs, The Chicago Reader

Official Selection:

    §    Amnesty International Reel Awareness Human Rights Film Festival
    §    United Nations Association Film Festival
    §    Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival
    §    Cinelasamericas International Film Festival
    §    Mumbai Women's International Film Festival
    §    Human Rights, Human Dignity International Film Festival
    §    Global Peace Film Festival

DVD Release 2016
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